For your enjoyment, here are some seldom seen pictures.

Autographed publicity photo, probably 1956

Autographed publicity photo from 1957

Autographed photo - date unknown.

Photo by Johnny Franklin, Riverside Ballroom, Phoenix, Arizona, 1962

Patsy with Sonny Hawthorne and His Blue Rhythym Boys, at the Fire Hall in Lorton, Virginia, New Year's Eve 1957

Same band. Beltin out a great one, I'm sure!

Patsy with the same band, with soon to be husband Charlie Dick at her side.

Date Unknown - Probably 1955 or 1956 - Patsy with Ted Mack and Jimmy Dean. This is the ONLY picture I have seen of Patsy holding a cigarette! There are probably others, I just haven't seen them.

Patsy's plaque at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville

Date Unknown - Probably 1961 or 1962 - Patsy backstage at the Opry

These pictures at one time hung next to the plaque at the Hall of Fame. The portrait at the top is the one that was used on a Patsy picture record. You can see a scan of it taken from the record at Lisa's "Patsified!" website. See my "links" page to get there.

The Winchester Apple Blossom Parade, May - 1957